An easy to use program for hospital staff.

Our VR software and hardware is designed with Child Life Specialists and pediatric patients in mind.

We provide training and ongoing support for our hospital partners.

Currently in use at over 20 pediatric hospitals.

Virtual Reality Software


KindVR Aqua

KindVR Aqua has been developed to help patients manage their pain and stress due to medical conditions and hospital procedures. Example use cases include sickle cell disease pain and laceration repair in the emergency room.


KindVR Guided Meditation

A soothing guided meditation experience to help patients mitigate chronic pain and stress. The app is designed to teach pain coping strategies via breathing exercises.


KindVR MRI Practice

An interactive MRI experience that helps patients to become familiar with the MRI scan process and to practice staying still. The MRI app is designed to educate, desensitize, and prepare patients for their MRI scans.


KindVR Look Up

KindVR Look Up has been custom developed for procedures such as mediport access. It encourages the patient to to look up and keep their torso still, allowing for an easy and safe procedure.
Image from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin via Northwestern Mutual.


KindVR Pre-Op

KindVR Pre-Op has been developed for patients to use before their surgery to help them lower their stress. It is customized specifically for patients on a gurney before being transferred into the operating room.


KindVR Animal Valley

Coming Soon. Animal Valley is designed to support patients during multiple medical procedures.

KindVR Hardware Kits


Complete Hardware Solution

KindVR provides a complete kit for hospital staff, including VR goggles, phone, headphones, controller, instruction manual, How-to-Play patient guide, and storage kit.


Customized for Ease of Use and HIPAA compliant

The KindVR phone is modified to be easy to use for medical staff and is HIPAA compliant. It does not connect to the internet and gathers no patient information.


Infection Control System

KindVR developed a disposable infection control kit with a face pad made with medical grade US materials, a disposable hairnet, and earphone covers. (Patent Pending)